Joy Mahinay is a Certified Nurse Practitioner whose passion for cardiology is rooted back in her training at a Coronary Care Unit in the early years of her nursing career. She graduated with a BSN degree in 1997 at Brokenshire College, Philippines. Fully determined to pursue her enthusiasm for cardiology, she dedicated most of her nursing profession to the Cardiac Telemetry Unit at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center for over 15 years.

Moreover, Joy is committed to advancing her knowledge and skills. In December 2022, despite the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic as a nurse and being a wife and a parent of two teens, she successfully completed her master’s degree of Science in Nursing with distinction at the University of Phoenix, Arizona in December 2022. Shortly after, she received her FNP-C license and continued to pursue cardiac specialty as a Family Nurse Practitioner while embracing her wholehearted commitment, care, and compassion to her patients since as a nurse for over 25 years.

Besides spending time with her family and friends, she pours her free time into her interests in history and fiction stories through books or movies, drawing, painting, and capturing memorable moments and art with photography.

Joy Mahina, CNP